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Why Outsourcing | Why Companies Outsource | 2020-2021

Some questions come to mind why outsourcing? why companies outsource? Outsourcing represents the process in which businesses, SMEs, and startups feel untrusted over their day-to-day operations to third parties or outside companies that specialize in the services companies require. There are many benefits to this. These benefits include better product development and change in the entire work process.

If Companies don’t have expertise in a specific project or part of the project, they decide to outsources that part or project to the companies who are specialized experts in that field.

Below are some Reasons Why Companies go for Outsourcing

Cost Cutting

One of the key reasons for outsourcing is the lower cost. When any Company goes for outsourcing, she looks like a vendor who offers low cost.  By outsourcing your project or part of the project to a specialized company, you can save up to 20-23 % of the overall expenses. There are many outscoring companies that offer high-quality work at a low price.

For example, you want to hire a software developer or webinar manager, if your company wants to do your own, then this will increase costs like job posting on different newspapers and online job portals, etc. But if you outsource your HR to the thirty parties this will deficiently reduce the cost.

A company also saves on wages, benefits, and training costs. The training period for new employees eliminated when a skilled worker can immediately step into that position on the first day.

why companies outsource

Aiming at Core Business

If a company outsourced its project or part of the project, which is beyond its own core competencies and company handed over to the appropriate specialists, then the company’s own employees can refocus on his original tasks. Outsourcing opens a new window of opportunity for companies. Companies can choose to focus on their core business, leaving every second job for outsourcing services provider’s professionals.

Areas of Expertise

By choosing to outsource, today companies have access to a global centre of knowledge. Don’t have an employee in your in-house who can help you with your business? That’s right- there are many companies that employ them and you can outsource the workload to them. You can even hire their employee to work for you until the work is done.

Basically, you can choose the outsource you need. And you can easily find the service you need. Business planning, market research of the product, lead generation of product, email marketing, web development, etc.

Expand your horizons and source there are. From gaining the help of a professional HR control organization, you will have access to networks of skills that is able to bring a great deal of huge difference to your organization. Some companies even have overseas contacts and also this advantage can let your chances improve towards fertility, particularly if you should be thinking about expansion.

Specialized Work  and Services- Quality

Due to the expertise of the outsourcing services providers, the quality of the results of the outsourced process has been enhanced. Indeed. It is possible for an enterprise to handle tasks on its own instead of outsourcing. However, due to lack of qualifications, the quality will not be equal to that of an expert. They deal with the tasks assigned to them as a matter of routine. The quality of their product guarantee.

For example, If you want to add the customer care department in your business. This will be very difficult to exercise it rather than to outsource. BPO or call centre services provider can handle it very well because this is their routine work. Handing customer’s quarries is the toughest job in the work. That’s why BPO is the fastest growing industry.

Peace of Mind

The most important part, While the uncertainty surrounding negotiating an outsourcing agreement can be troubling, companies often feel relieved when people start signing off on a signature line. An agreement between two parties provide protection for both parties and remove any bad human interaction that occurs when internal workers are fired from Job. Outsourcing companies can also be held accountable for negligence and poor performance in legally binding contracts, and the outsourcing drive will be further supported.

A Pool of Talented People

Project-based collaboration with external experts means temporary relief for your own staff. Because one can freely choose an outsourcing partner and thus meet certain criteria and qualification requirements, a person always has the right employee for the right job. The advantage of outsourcing is also access to a wide portfolio of specialized people. A company can currently collaborate on a project basis with a partner, who specializes in one area of ​​expertise.


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