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Top 10 E-Businesses in the Past 05 Years | HiringPeoples

Any businessman is accurately tested when he or she decides to exploit the right opportunity at the right time. These businessmen not only decide, but also have the courage to put their decisions into execution as well. E-Businesses are one of them.

Later, their names are widely celebrated and they manage to occupy leadership positions in the business world.

The prominent proportion of the list of these successful business gurus is in the hands of people who, with the rise of Internet technologies, had anticipated that this advance in the field of technology. Technology will play a decisive role for companies in the future.

These business experts have created some world-class e-businesses in the past 5 years. Many of them are simply newer versions of traditional businesses, where E-businesses models are applied and then launched.

Top Ten E-Businesses in the Past Five Years

Ten top of the line is elaborated as:

01- Clothing

Clothing has always been one of the largest industries in the world. The world of eCommerce has totally transformed this entire industry, by allowing some big retailers too, become e-retailers and provide fittingly made products to consumers.

If you want an e-commerce business startup, then this will be your right move. These days, most people buy online rather than visiting shopping malls.

e commerce businesses


02- IT Solutions Providers

An increasing trend of providing information technology solutions and services over the widest tool of communication i.e. internet has been built up in recent years.

Ranging from information technology consultation to integration, all has now become available over the internet. This is one of the best e-businesses examples.

03- Web Portals Or E-Services For Businesses

All the giant brands like Google, Yahoo, and MSNBC are players in this business. The main focus of this business is to make this link available on the Internet, where information from fairly diverse sources is presented on one platform.

Email marketing businesses use these web portal services. Email marking becomes a need for almost every online business brand or services companies.

E-Services For Businesses


04- Online Auction Houses

Bidding for products and services is not a new phenomenon. This idea was put into practice over the internet by some people having acute business acumen.

Over the years, online auction websites have appeared as the most popular businesses among others, using internet technologies. Opt the e-businesses model, now these are e-commerce businesses profitable.

05- Educational Services

Driven by observation of today’s hectic schedules of people, education was put online by some business-minded educational institutes.

Almost every educational discipline offered in various formats of diplomas, certificates, courses, and degrees is now available on the internet. Online business degrees are very common these days.

Online Educational Services

06- Telecom

The current phenomenal growth of telecom has not been possible without the appropriate use of technology in this business. In fact, this is a business, without which emergence and nourishment of other forms of e-businesses would have also not been possible.

07- Beauty and Diet

With an exceptional increase in awareness in the world population about health-consciousness, people look for such ways of grooming, which are available at their fingertips.

This trend was rightly judged by sensible beauticians and cosmetologists of the world, who decided to put their businesses online.

08- Financial Services

Amongst a wide assortment of services provided over the internet, financial services are the most sought-after by users of banks and brokerage houses. Every such user needs up-to-date information for making better investment decisions.

E-services for Businesses

In recent years, firms in this business have constantly worked to provide services like online access to accounts or credit card status to consumers, for adding value to their core products and services.

09- Photography

In this era of digital imaging and information technology, it was not possible for photographers to avoid being influenced by the expansions of the web.

They have used the e-services for businesses for different purposes directed towards the progress of their businesses, like putting up a simple portfolio page with profiles, or a full-blown studio front.

10- Entertainment

Internet technologies have continuously worked for the benefit of entertainment businesses. Companies have used online applications for providing information to internet users, about all the latest happenings in the entertainment world.

Further, online entertainers have also facilitated companies in product placement and name recognition.


If anyone asks are e-commerce businesses profitable? In the previous 05 years, E-Businesses become more popular all over the world specially Clothing, E-Services For Businesses, Email marketing businesses.

E-commerce for businesses helping many companies in lowering their cost, help to expand their business globally.

E-commerce Business Startup

Certainly, e-commerce may not be right for everyone, or it may not even be the right time for you, but it is important to consider an e-commerce business startup strategy. Or even have an idea you want to put into action over the next several years.

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