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The World’s Most Dangerous Jobs

The World’s Most Dangerous Jobs

If you thought “Your job is bad”, take a look below at some of the world’s most dangerous jobs.

Construction Workers

Let’s start from our list of most dangerous jobs is a construction workers. They build the houses we live in, they also construct the offices we work in and they also build multi-story car parks where we park in.

They assembled the frame of a skyscraper or working with massive blocks of concrete and timber. This is a really dangerous profession. Construction sites are literally a health and safety nightmare for workers.

Number of Deaths: Last year 46 construction workers died in workplace incidents. It was increased by 140%.

Construction Workers


Mining, this can be oil, gas, coal, metal, or quarrying, is from most dangerous jobs. There have been a number of accidents throughout history, from the 440 people that were killed in the UK’s worst mining disaster that happened at Senghenydd in 1913.

33 Chilean miners that were trapped in 2010. No matter if you work on or underground, there are a great number of things that can go wrong and put a miner’s life in danger.

Mining worker

Truck Drivers

If you have ever seen the show Ice Road Truckers, you will know how dangerous truck driving can be. They spend most of their time on the roads. You can say, they spend their life on the roads.

Although it sounds easy enough, driving cargo from one place to another place, road accidents, fatigue, and human error make this one of the most dangerous professions in the world.


Air traveling knows as the safest travel in the world. There may not be a great many fatalities and injuries to airline pilots, but for those who fly charter, air taxis, crop dusting, and bush flying; there are a great many risks.

Some of these accidents are down to some form of mechanical malfunction, but the majority are due to human error in reading data or any short off error by a human. These errors can be from air trafficking control towers.

The job of a fighter jet pilot is the most dangerous job in the world, the number of deaths in this line is very high, most of them are from India.



There are a great many accidents and fatalities that occur on farms. Farms have dangerous parts of equipment and machinery that if not being used properly due to a lack of training.

Lack of adequate maintenance can cause fatal and life-changing accidents. There are also large animals that have the potential to kill and injure people. Modern farming having more chances of deaths due to large machinery.


From most dangerous jobs, Loggers work on difficult terrains that are often remote in unforgiving weather conditions. They use chainsaws and heavy machinery on a daily basis and have large trees falling around them.

There are also risks surrounding the transportation of felled trees. This work is hard and physically more demanding. Without proper safety, your life can be in danger.



From commercial fishing to seep sea fishermen, these people put themselves in environments where we have not adapted to survive in.

There are a number of dangers on-board such as free ropes, spare nets, traps, and other related equipment, but the biggest hazard of all is the “sea”.

If you have a plan for fishing and you are fishing in unpredictable or violent weather conditions, you could get swept overboard by a wave, or the boat could get capsized.

If you go deep inside the sea or overboard, you are out at sea and it can take time for rescue parties to reach and find you. So be careful while fishing.

Fire Fighters

Most dangerous job from the most dangerous jobs list. Firefighting knows as a dangerous profession in the world. They have more chances of injuries as compared to other professions. They can suffer from chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Fire Fighters

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