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Mistake On Cover Letter Should I Resend

Mistake On Cover Letter Should I Resend?

Making a mistake on your cover letter can send your job application to the rejection pile.  In this article, you’ll learn, what to do if you discover a mistake after you’ve hit the send or submit button. Should you resend your application if you notice an error?

While discussing Mistake On Cover Letter Should I Resend, We will learn major mistakes on the cover and how to correct them.

Here are three common cover letter mistakes that may be smart to correct:

Number one a typo of some kind perhaps a word your contact information or a biggie the name of the addressee.

Number two the wrong date at the top of the letter and.

Number three if your cover letter is addressed to the wrong person or company there is no consensus among hiring managers as to the best solution.

If you discover a mistake in your cover letter after you’ve already hit the send button, however here’s my general rule. What do you do if you send the wrong cover letter?

If it’s anything more serious than say a typo in the body of your cover letter or maybe you get the year wrong on the date at the top of the cover letter.

Then I think it’s in your best interest to do everything in your power to correct the mistake and use that as an opportunity. Show your ability to recover from an error with grace and character.

Catching your error fixing it and resetting your cover letter along with the note referring to your mistake. This shows your ability to own up to your errors fix them and that is a strength.

If you submitted your cover letter through an applicant tracking system and, you catch your mistake quickly enough, you may be able to simply go into the system replace the faulty letter with an updated one, before anybody sees.

Otherwise, you’ll have to contact the recruiter or the hiring manager fess up to your error and resend them a new cover letter.

Here are three suggestions that will help you respond appropriately while discussing Mistake On Cover Letter Should I Resend.

First, whether you’re explaining your mistake by email, the phone or in person. It’s important to frame your explanation as positively as possible. While still telling the truth for example one possible explanation might be this:

I was so excited to submit my application that I hit Send to fast.

Go ahead, you can use that one if it’s true now before I share the final two suggestions that will help you recover from a mistake.

I’m really curious do you plan to follow the advice of this article? if so drop a guess in the comments below.

Second suggestion: While discussing Mistake On Cover Letter Should I Resend, It’s important to remember that there are some people who would view any kind of mistake on your cover letter or resume.

For that matter as a blight on your character and at a condemnation that you are a loser forever and ever.

These people will probably never be moved by your attempts to make any kind of correction. In which case you may want to ask yourself, is that the kind of boss I really want to work for?

Suggestion number three of course the very best way to make sure you don’t find yourself in this situation is to avoid making any mistakes in your cover letter.

First pay attention to the words that are flagged by the spell checker. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written a letter and I simply am so used to seeing those little red lines.


Mistake On Cover Letter Should I Resend


Or whatever lines that are in the word processor that, I kind of forget to pay attention to them, so watch those words pay attention to them. Make sure you make corrections.

Number one has someone else proof your letter for you that’s always a great way to double check for typos.

Number two, this is gonna sound really weird, read the letter backward. I know it’s kind of crazy but it actually works.  One word at a time and you’re likely to catch any big typos that you have in your letter.

While discussing Mistake On Cover Letter Should I Resend, Number three-point is very, very important.

Number three Double check that contact information, that’s so important and makes sure your contact information is correct.

So it’s worth taking a little extra time to make sure your cover letter has no mistakes in it before you hit the send or submit button.

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