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Job Description of Industrial Engineer

Job Description of Industrial Engineer | Sample & Template

We will write Job Description of Industrial Engineer sample and template for the general role, you can change as per your requirement according to the designation.

Job Description of Industrial Engineer – Basic Role

Job Summary:

We are hiring an industrial engineer for our company. As an industrial engineer, you will apply the concepts and techniques of industrial engineering.

You will analyze and decide on tools under general supervision to promote and implement changes in manufacturing, engineering, and services.

Job Description of Industrial Engineer

Basic Responsibilities of Industrial Engineer

The Industrial Engineer will perform all or some of the following responsibilities:

  • As an Industrial Engineer, you will assist in developing research models, databases, and spreadsheets to analyze data (e.g. statistics, operations research, engineering economics), and provide summary analysis and measurements for consumer consultation (e.g., administration, departments, Suppliers).
  • The engineer will apply basic industrial engineering techniques and concepts to product and processing design teams at all stages of the product lifecycle, resulting in a robust product design and work statement that meets product needs.
  • The Industrial Engineer will research, design, develop, improve, and implement processes as directed to enhance schedule performance, lower cost, and improve quality, through the application of Lean and other Industrial Engineering concepts for large scale systems integration and asset utilization.
  • He/She will utilize engineering methods (e.g., mathematical models, simulation, statistics) to assist in developing optimal process designs and efficient utilization of resources (e.g., facilities, personnel, materials, equipment) in the creation and validation of products.
  • Analyze and support the design of the value stream, including capability, capacity (e.g., make/buy, supplier selection, risk analysis, supplier performance), throughput, work flow, and logistics (e.g., critical path, lead-time, transportation, factory layout).
  • Under general supervision, the industrial engineer will manage the scope, cost, and time of the projects, define, negotiate, and control them, and using project management tools will analyze the risk.
  • He/She will provide support to project completion.

Minimum Requirements / Skills For Industrial Engineer

In Job Description of Industrial Engineer, this is the most important part, where you mention your all requirements.

The industrial engineer must understand the work group’s functions, conditions, and department, as well as the logic or basis for change:

  • He/she should understand the customers and their needs and consider such factors in fulfilling the tasks and responsibilities of employment.
  • He/she should possess skills and competencies: data collection, organizing, synthesis, and analysis; summary of results. Develop conclusions and recommendations from appropriate data sources.
  • The industrial engineer should have a basic knowledge of the various responsibilities and tasks performed by the various departments/departments of engineering (e.g., design, test, software, technology, avionics).
  • He should have a basic knowledge of how interactions between departments/disciplines and their products/processes affect each other and how they affect non-engineering processes (e.g., operations, logistics, business).
  • Possess basic knowledge of lean manufacturing principles (e.g., value stream analysis, single-piece flow).
  • The Industrial Engineer should possess basic knowledge of the responsibilities and tasks performed by Operations departments and/or disciplines.
  • He/She should have the basic ability to create simple project schedules which identify time frames for key project milestones, update more complex project schedules developed by others, independently identify project resource requirements, and seek assistance or recommendations from others.
  • He/She should possess basic knowledge of IE principles to create workplace designs that meet program requirements.

Minimum Education Requirements / Experience Industrial Engineer

The most crucial part of the Job Description of Industrial Engineer.

  • Bachelor, Master degree in Industrial Engineering from an accredited university/ college.
  • Registered with concern authority
  • 3+ years of relevant experience
  • Excellent Negotiation Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Must have a valid driving license
  • Managing Stress & Conflicts
  • Customer Relationship Management

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