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Job Description of Bartender

Job Description of Bartender | Example & Template

In this article, we will discuss the Job Description of a Bartender and share some examples and templates that can be used in Resume and Bartender Ads. Before we begin, let’s learn who the bartenders are.

Bartenders are employees of bars that are allowed to sell alcoholic beverages. Bartenders are mainly employed by pubs, restaurants, and other restaurants to serve drinks.

In this profession, you will have the opportunity to serve a wide variety of people every day. If you are sociable and you like to meet new people, the bartender could be a career that you will enjoy.

To be a bartender, you must be over 18 years old. No academic qualifications are required, however, training and experience are required to obtain employment.

To be a bartender, you must have very good interpersonal skills. We can simply say communication and personality.

Job Description of Bartender

Bartender Job Description Example

Below are the basic roles, duties & responsibilities of bartenders:

  • Combine beverages using a wide range of ingredients like liquor, fruits, soda, and sugar
  • Take orders from customers or waiting staffs
  • Organize the bar and inventories
  • Make snacks and appetizers as per request
  • As a bartender, collect payments and operate the till
  • Assess the needs of customers and make references
  • Evaluate customers’ identification
  • Abide by food, beverage, and sanitation regulations
  • As a bartender, replenish the bar, supplies, and inventories

The working hours will likely be in evenings, holidays, and weekends. Along with full-time work, seasonal and part-time works are very common.

Bartenders should have the capacity for coming out with new and original drinks and patience to deal with all kinds of customers. Income depends on experience, bar, location, and customers as well.

Employers of Bartenders- Employment of Bartenders

  • Restaurants and other eateries
  • Bars, Pubs, and other drinking places
  • Civil and social organizations
  • Wineries and breweries
  • Pools and beach bars
  • Recreational and amusement places

Since bartenders have to work frontline, a neat and smart appearance is very important. Depending on places, bartenders may require to wear given uniforms, aprons, and ties.

Qualification and Training of Bartender

For this line of job, employers don’t look for academic qualifications. The right training and a fair amount of experience are valued by most employers. However, you can take up a college course to learn extensive skills and add more validation to your resume. You can take courses like:

  • Certificate in General Food and Beverage Service
  • Award in Professional Food and Beverage Service

Mostly, bartenders acquire short-term training at the job which lasts for a few weeks under the supervision of an experienced bartender. Skills such as cocktail recipes, set-up process, customer relations, handling tense situations, and unruly drinkers are taught.

There are also bartending training programs such as self-study programs and online courses run by employers themselves. Also, some bartenders qualify by thorough work experience. They might start their service first as waiters, helpers, and kitchen staff.

Required skills or Job Specifications for Bartender

Employers look for bartenders with the right personality and right experience. Here are some skills one should possess as a bartender:

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Smart and neat appearance
  • Aptitude for creativity
  • Sociable personality
  • Deep knowledge of garnishing, mixing, and serving
  • Good at handling money and memorization
  • Honesty and good judgment
  • IT literacy
  • Decision-making ability

Final Words

You can use these Job Description of Bartender for the below-mentioned designations as well

  • Brewery bartender job description
  • Waiter bartender job description
  • Service Bartender job description

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