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Major in HR worth

Is a Human Resource Management Degree or Major in HR worth It

In this article, we will discuss is a human resource management degree or major in HR worth it? is human resource management a good degree? and benefits of studying human resource management?

That’s what we’re going to be talking about in this article. Let’s jump right into it, first of all, what the heck is human resources. Well, human resources or human resource management is going to be all about taking care of the company’s most important asset, which is of course its people.


Is a Human Resource Management Degree or Major in HR worth It

You’re going to need are all in-depth understanding of labor laws or local labor laws of your country.  You’re also going to have to be really good at communication as well as conflict resolution.

With this Human Resource degree, about 7,000 people graduate every year. So first, let’s go ahead and talk about the salary or earning potential of an HR degree.

According to payscale, if you graduate with a human resource management degree, you would expect to make around $453,00 in a year starting,  and around  $74,400 in mid-career pay.

You can compare that to a really high paying degree or a really low paying degree and you’ll see that it’s kind of somewhere in the middle and probably on the lower side.


What jobs are available with a human resources degree?

If we talk about what jobs are available with a human resources degree then there are two career paths you might go into.  A human resource manager or a human resource specialist.

How much you can earn with Human Recourse Degree?

HR managers are going to make around $116,000 in a year and then one step down from that is going to be HR specialists and they make around $61,000 in a year.

List of Careers in Human Resources

If we talk about what jobs are available with a human resources degree, Now some other career paths you might end up going down with this degree would be:

Now, this is technically a business degree, and when you look at the work-life earnings, how much you can earn over an entire lifetime.  Business-related degrees tend to earn more than average.

The average over a lifetime is 2.4 million and business degrees earn around 2.6 million and then if you go into a business-related profession then you’d make around a 2.8million. If you become a manager, you’d probably make around 3.3 million overall.

HR is not going to be one of the higher paying business degrees but at the same time, it’s also not bad so I’d say it’s probably a little bit above average.

Is the HR job boring?

Next, we’re going to be talking about Is HR job boring? The simple answer is No. HR is definitely not a boring job or unfulfilling as a career.

In HR you need to work with people and, more often than not, helping them which I find incredible feeling when you made a positive impact on someone’s day, job, or even career.

Is HR a dying field? Or HR a Stable Career?

While discussing is a human resource management degree or major in HR worth it? We need to discuss too Is HR a dying field? Or is it a stable career?

No, HR is not a dying field because according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for human resources is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations at a rate of 13 percent between 2013 and 2023.

HR a Stable Career?

Working in human resources is a good career choice for a variety of reasons. There are many opportunities for career development and professional advancement. It is also a career field where there is very little opportunity for automation, so with proper training and skills, HR has a long life in a changing job market.

Is a Master’s Degree in Human Resources worth it?

The Answer is Yes. There is a good chance of an MBA in Human Resource Management in the future. HR has to work in many areas. Due to the automation, repetitive tasks can be done in less time so that HR can focus on important tasks.

Final Words

Before studying Human Resource Management, it is important to know is a human resource management degree or major in HR worth it? is human resource management a good degree? is HR a stable career? How much I will earn with Human Resource Management degree?

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