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Chemical Engineer Job Description

Chemical Engineer Job Description – Sample & Template

In this article, we will write two chemical engineer job descriptions and you can use these as per your requirement. The first sample will be Chemical Engineer general role, second will be Chemical Development

Sample & Template: 01

Job Summary:

We are looking for a chemical engineer for our company. A chemical engineer will provide chemical support to a manufacturing plant.

She/he will use chemical engineering skill sets as an enabling technology to innovate and develop new technologies/systems/processes in various applications.

Chemical Engineer Job Description

Chemical Engineer Job Description:

Now, we will write about what are the responsibilities of a chemical engineer? The Chemical Engineer will perform all or some of the following Jds:

  • She/he will contribute to the plant’s Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Cost Out efforts; solve complex, multi-disciplinary technical challenges committed to project execution.
  • She/he will generate new ideas according to market needs and initiate new research projects; embrace EHS & play an active role in nurturing a culture of safety.
  • The Chemical Engineer will design, develop, and implement productivity and Total Cost Out (TCO) projects.
  • She/he will provide direction to procurement and maintenance personnel in all shifts.
  • She/he will provide technical support to the OME team; evaluate operational concerns and propose corrective actions; recommends/review new installations or modifications to improve existing facilities
  • The Chemical Engineer will develop younger process engineers; study new ideas and innovative technologies to enhance plant operation, reliability, profitability, or performance.
  • He/she will develop/review chemical cleaning, high equipment performance, and piping modification procedures.
  • He/she will provide support during the construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and testing activities of new projects and facilities.
  • The Chemical Engineer will participate or lead investigations and general study efforts and develop necessary documentation.
  • Will help other engineers solve problems beyond their area of expertise. Attend daily, routine, and unplanned unit activities. Increase standard work processes and business flow.
  • She/he will resolve environmental matters and attend to related findings and observations; participate in departmental major periodic and unplanned events such as MIS, EMSR, QSI, etc.
  • The engineer will participate in corporate studies, committees, initiatives, or programs.

Minimum Requirements / Skill For Chemical Engineer Job


Now we will discuss, what are the skills required for an engineer?

  • A chemical engineer should have experience in defining and documenting chemical formulas and process parameters
  • Experience in designing and completing process improvement experiments
  • He/she should have experience in project management
  • Experiment with equipment performance explanations and tolerance explanations
  • The chemical engineer must have written and oral communication skills (English)
  • He should have experience in communicating with suppliers (price, delivery and ongoing services).
  • Experience working in a multicultural team.

Minimum Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering.

Sample & Template: 02

Chemical Engineer – Chemical Development Job Description

Job Summary:

We are looking for a chemical engineer for our chemical development department. She/he will be part of our company’s chemical development team.

He/she will be responsible for explaining, developing, and demonstrating commercially viable, multi-stage, organic synthesis for the manufacture of advanced intermediates and active pharmaceutical components.

Chemical Development Job Description

Chemical Development Job Description

  • Chemical engineer- chemical development will perform all or part of the below-mentioned job description.
  • He will support the development of drug processing through laboratory development, pilot plant scale-up, drug supply manufacturing, and technology transfer to third-party manufacturing facilities.
  • Lead the identification, development, and deployment of new instrumentation and automation technologies to support drug substance process development. Areas of focus may be in the areas of reaction engineering/catalysis, separations, crystallization, physical property measurement, engineering unit operations, and chemical analysis.
  • Chemical engineers will work with synthetic organic chemists and chemical engineers in the Chemical Development Department to investigate potential hazards associated with synthetic alterations, unit processes, and process equipment.
  • They will provide robust and secure chemical processes for indoor implementation, scale-up, and tech transfer to external vendors.
  • Manage the transfer of bench-scale chemical processes to third party manufacturing facilities and have demonstrated experience in managing external scientific activities and relationships with CRO’s and CMO’s.

Minimum Requirements / Skill For Chemical Engineer – Chemical Development

  • She/he has a good understanding of the basic principles of chemistry and chemical engineering.
  • Advanced technical knowledge and experience in API process development, process scale-up, troubleshooting, and optimization.
  • An engineer should have knowledge of applied kinetics, thermodynamics and basic principles of transport.
  • She/he must be familiar with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment (HPLC, GC, FTIR, Raman, FBRM, DSC, TGA, XRPD, etc), automation tools, and laboratory/plant implementation of PAT (FTIR, n-IR, on-line laser diffraction, etc.
  • The chemical engineer must have a proven track record in the laboratory and pilot-scale development in the fields of experimental engineering, catalysis, crystallization, separation technology, drying, and micronization.
  • She/he should experiment with modeling complex, physicochemical systems. Data analysis; Statistical design of experiments flow with design QBD concepts, and common physical property and processing modeling tools (Aspen, Sinochem, Matlab, etc.)
  • The Engineer – Chemical Development should possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills and have the ability to interact, lead, and collaborate within a team environment.
  • She/he must be a highly productive, results-oriented individual able to generate and implement original ideas and solutions that contribute materially to the success and development of drug substance candidates.
  • The Chemical Engineer should possess strong organization, and planning skills and a high level of technical aptitude and creativity.

Minimum Education Requirement

  • BS/MS in Chemical Engineering or Chemistry and 5-10 years of relevant work experience in API or fine chemical process development.

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