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Why I Chose A Career in Human Resources

Why I Chose A Career in Human Resources | Personal Story

In this article, I will write why I chose a career in Human Resources and below mentioned most asked questions as well. I will try to share my answers maximum but not all.

  • Why did you choose human resource management?
  • Why do you want to pursue a career in HR?
  • Why did you choose HR as your career answer
  • Is human resource a good career?
  • How you see a career in human resources management
  • How to start a career in human resources
  • How to start a career in human resources without experience
  • Career options in human resources

When I was in 12th class, I had thought since then that I have to do MBA in Human Resource Management.

I was very good at Math but my interest was in marketing and HR because career options in human resources are very high for females.

During my first semester of college, I applied for a social media marketing internship with a small, local marketing company. This was my first office job. Six years have been passed and I am still with that same company.

I am no longer an intern now but, I am the office manager and head of HR now, a career in human resources.

When I first started as an intern, there were only four part-time employees. We were all college students. Founded by a former freelance marketer, the company was new, and only in its second year of business.

Since then, my boss secured dozens of more clients, interns, and employees- both part-time and full-time.

A Career in Human Resources


Over the years, I learned a lot about what it was like to build a business. And the hardest part of it all isn’t gaining clients or filing your taxes- it’s maintaining the relationships you make along the way.

My boss, a young female entrepreneur, quickly realized that trying to keep both your clients, employees, and bank account balance happy can sometimes feel like an impossible balancing act.

And that’s why I love HR; it’s challenging, which makes it even more rewarding.

I think we can all agree, the best way to keep clients coming back is through happy employees. But sometimes, that’s not easy.

Maybe it’s because of the economy, new management, or working conditions. In the case of my company, it was growing pains.

Eventually, as business picked up, my boss started giving her staff more responsibility, and in turn, hiring more experienced people. Most employees were now out of college, some by two years, others by twenty.

It became clear that the company benefits and policies that had kept her former college-aged employees happy didn’t appeal to her new staff.

Flex-Time didn’t matter as much to single men in their thirties as it did to students with class schedules. They cared little about office field trips to Starbucks.

They wanted nothing to do with a company group chat. What they did want were higher bonuses and vacation days.

I had a great working relationship with the boss. So, when there was a dispute, I started speaking up on behalf of my coworkers, and often my boss too. This is the answer to why did you choose HR as your career answer.

Is human resource a good career

Both sides, employees and owners, had difficulty properly expressing their expectations, needs, and feelings with each other in a clear and concise matter. A moderator was needed, and I was eager to fill the position.

Since then, I’ve worked to help the company create an employee manual, update the vacation policy, adopted staff meetings,

Also conducted performance reviews, and everything else that falls under the HR umbrella- and I couldn’t be happier.

Working in human resources allows me to be an intricate part of the company. While most employees feel frustrated by company problems, I have the opportunity to empower myself, run to the drawing board, and find solutions.

And some days it’s exhausting. Some days, the world is an impossible balancing act. You can’t always please everyone, but I always try, and that’s what makes the work-day worth it.

Why did You Choose Human Resource Management?

As discussed earlier, my interest was in HRM. I love this field that’s why I choose it. You can do best with whom you love. So HR is my LOVE.

Key Skills HR Professionals Must Have

Depending on where you are in the human resources department, you could be in compensation and benefits, you could be a generalist.

To be a business partner, understanding the business has to be your number one priority. Below critical skills, every HR professional must-have.

  • Business Acumen
  • Great Consulting Skills
  • Good Understanding within the Industry
  • Quick and good learning skill
  • Data and Analytics Expert
  • Tech Orientated
  • Good Listening Skill
  • Positive Emotions

Career Options in Human Resources

Having a Human Resource degree or certificate, a graduate is eligible for the following positions:

  • Human Resource Clerk
  • HR Assistant
  • Recruiter
  • Training and Development Coordinator
  • Payroll Specialist
  • HR Journalist

Being a fresh graduate with a Bachelor of Human Resources degree can expect to hold the following positions:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Compensation or Benefit Analyst / Manager
  • HR Information Systems Manager
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Labor Relations Manager

HR Professional graduates with a master’s degree are eligible for the following positions:

  • Director of Human Resources
  • VP of Human Resources

How to Start a Career in Human Resources

First, you have a degree or diploma, or certification in HR. Then apply for some entry-level jobs like internship or MTO in HR.

After gaining some professional experience, you will need to apply for higher jobs such as Assistant HR Officer or HR Officer. Now, this is the way to follow you.

You need to keep yourself updated with the latest HR trends. Nowadays online education is very common for distance learning. Get some online certification in human resources from CIPD.

How to Start a Career in Human Resources without Experience

In my opinion, your basic idea about HR needs to be very clear, what is HR and why? Then offer your services for free to get some real experience.

Freelancing is a popular medium for this like Upwork, Fiverr. Get some certifications from some well-known institutions like CIPD, SHRM.

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